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Your House on a Handmade Ceramic Tile
Your House on a Handmade Ceramic Tile
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Your Pet on a Handmade Ceramic Tile

Immortalize your pet with one of Patricia's handmade tiles.

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STEP ONE: Send me a photograph of what you would like immortalized in a ceramic tile. Nothing professional. So often I am given one print from a precious photo album. If your photos are valuable, don't worry I will take care and they are returned. I will be pleased to photograph your house if you are in my local area at no charge. If you take the photographs please remember a couple hints: first: a frontal shot is important (straight on). Details shots can be helpful. I will communicate with you. It's easy...send me what you have. TIME: These pieces take quite a bit of time to complete. I usually have a schedule of 4 to 6 weeks after receiving the photos. No rush jobs are possible, sorry. To guarantee for Christmas delivery I need an order before Oct. 1.

SIZE: My pieces are approximately 13x9, or slightly larger. Because they are so individual in shape it may vary i.e. 12x10 or 14x9 ... it has to do with how your subject fits, as all tiles are individually shaped to fit the desired composition. They are approximately 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inches deep.

DISPLAY: Ready to hang! Nychrome wire loops are imbedded into the back side. They are fired into the clay body.


Raw wet ceramic clay is rolled out into an even slab approximately 2/3 inches deep and cut into the desired shape. The clay is allowed to air dry to a firm state called leather hard. A simple sketch is then traced onto the clay surface. Next, with a verity of tools the image is freehand carved into the clay, removing by layers enough to create in relief a raised texture. The piece is allowed to slowly air day thoroughly, taking special care to prevent warping. The first firing follows at a temperature approximately 2008 degrees Fahrenheit. It is now a bisque tile. Your tile is next painted fully with a water base pigment that survives high temperatures. The final step is coating the tile with a crystal clear glaze and firing it again at 1873 degrees turning it into the familiar shiny glass finish. The image is permanent and timeless. Enjoy!

COST: $350.00 each plus 8 1/4% Sales Tax for California residents plus shipping

Please contact me to place your order.

Patricia O'Neil

367 Magnolia Drive
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

(949) 497-2582

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